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Some say opposites attract. What happens when you realize that you and your spouse have virtually nothing in common? Obviously, you start a podcast!!! In this podcast, Brian Boyd and Alejandra Herr take turns learning about topics that are important to each other. It is a crash course on what makes each other tick. Should be interesting and maybe even a great way to share an interest or two finally.

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Pride and Prejudice

Sunday Jul 02, 2023

Sunday Jul 02, 2023

In our first episode, Allie welcomes Brian into her wheelhouse by sharing her love of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.


Wheelhouse Members

Brian Boyd and Allie Herr have been married since 2012 and have raised three amazing children (18, 9, and 7 as of 2023), and have a pretty wonderful life in the outskirts of Annapolis, Maryland. However, when it comes to their interests, the overlap is mighty small. Allie, a Senior Managing Director at a non-profit, loves gardening, dance, learning the guitar, and reading as much as she can, while Brian, a high school teacher and athletic director, enjoys massive quantities of television, sports, video games, and philosophy. 

As Brian's mid-life crisis officially sets in, what a great time to share some of our passions. This is what we do here. In each episode, one of us gives the other the topic of something that we enjoy, and the other has to learn as much about that topic as possible before the podcast so we can have a fun and hopefully meaningful discussion. It is a great chance to share our interests with each other and anyone else out there listening as well. 

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